Back Blast Oct 22nd BO at the O.

Q: Pork Chop

PAX:  Fergie, PED, Vincent (R), Ham, Plumb Bob, McAfee,  Daddy’s Girl, Glen Ross, Gepetto

Clear sky’s and COLD.  35 degrees at 5:30.

Started with a short mosey with high knees and butt kicks.  Circled back together at the flag and reviewed the disclaimer.

25 SSH to keep the body temp up and then gentle stretching on our own.  I wanted to take a Q to discuss thoughts of how to handle medical emergencies.  We have had unfortunately several in F3 and with 30, 40, 50 year old men pushing themselves in the morning there will always be some inherent risk.  I am a primary care physician so I have some experience in these situations although typically in the hospital setting.  Discussed Group Think, which is the inherent tendency to look at how others are responding to a situation and subconsciously mimic there response good or bad.  Being aware of this increases our chances of breaking free of that when the time to lead presents itself.  Fantastic book called the Hidden Brain by Shankar Vidantam discusses this.  Also, discussed staying calm and keeping the crowd and patient calm as well. Specifically assign someone to call 911 and stay on the phone until they arrive.  Discussed technique to find the carotid pulse.  If the patient is not responsive without a carotid pulse then time to start chest compressions.  Straight elbows with enough force to drop the rib cage 2 inches.  You will feel ribs break if your are doing it right.  Go to the fast steady beat of Staying Alive.  This is a last ditch effort but someone needs to be ready to step up.


Circled up and broke off with partners for a hard 1 mile run around the O.  There will be times when we will have to run for help and we have to be strong enough to do it.

Quick Merkin Waterfall to catch our breath then mosey to a grassy patch.


Partnered up again for 11’s.  Worst Merkins Ever on one end and Squat Jumps on the other.  Fireman’s carry or Piggyback or Dead Man Carry between locations with partner.  In theory, people were partnered with someone of similar weight but I think Fergie crushed Vincent.  I quickly had to modify the merkins myself and was damn near puking at one point.  Always a good sign.


Time was up at that point.

Announcement regarding the Q school this week.  Reviewed the 5 core principles.  Convergence on Saturday.  Food drive this week.


I realized afterwards I failed to give the PAX time for intensions.  I apologize.  The focus of this workout was getting stronger for others.  Get strong so we are ready to lead if the time arises.  I thought of my family, Banana Bread, Pope, F3 Alpha, and the FNG from earlier in the summer (I can not recall his name at the moment).

We get better for our own health and safety but we also get better for others.

Look for the chance to lead and help those in need.


-Pork Chop


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