1/5/21 Bayside BB

Pax: Shuttlecock(R), Birdie, PickleBall, Squid, Sliderule, Charolais(R), Firing Pin, Banana Bread, Slugger, Big Bird, Schotzey, Grandpa bear (q)

While giving full disclosure and starting to mosey to pick up some mini coupons, Charolais and Slide Rule about run over us as we run by. Pick up some minis and mosey to COP.


SSHs, grass grabbers, hillbilly walkers, arm stretches, calf stretching

Mosey to back of school.

Column, with feet up against column in derkin position 10 derkins, 3 sets

50 merkins with hand raise

With left hand on the ground supporting upper body while right leg is on the ground, raise left leg and extend left arm over head, hold for 30 seconds, switch legs, hold 30 seconds, repeat for 3 sets each leg

Using Curb, 25 dips, mosey 40 yds, 25 dips, mosey back 25 dips

Head over to the yard lines laid out on parking lot, crab walk 50 yds, good job to the ones that went 50. I made 25 and bear crawled back. PickleBall crushed 50 yds each way.

With limited time left, moseyed back to return minis and mosey back to starting point. With a few minutes left, finished with some big boys, ankle bitters, pickle pounders, superman,


Forgot countorama, but came back with 12..


Announcements, intentions, Prayer

Thanks for the push on making each man better! LGI

Published by Grandpa Bear

Huntin Fishin and Basketball

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