BB-Pelican Q 12/30/20-Foundry at the County

A week is too long of time in between a workout and a backblast so going to keep this short and sweet. Here’s who was there, not on list Airplane:

Brown Water
Jolly Rancher
Hush Puppy
Meter Maid
Pelican (Q)

We did mainly Tabata (not with a d and not 28 seconds or 33 or any of that nonsense), started with curls, then did shoulder press, then skull crushers and then all of them at once. We took a merkin break. First round max out, second do half of max, third do half of the half and fourth do half of the half. Last round we tried to beat the first round if you could, I thought that was impossible but Tidwell did it. I think he cheat but he’s too nice to cheat so good job Tidwell.

Then we went back to Tabata, chest press and cross over merkins maybe one more thing but can’t remember.

Did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. One was a drinking Q on New Year’s Eve that I spent too much time worrying about as you can see by this backblast.

See ya soon,


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