BB – Le Pew from The Planetarium @ The Boondocks


Natty Light
Curious George
Bulletin (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Lady Bird (R)
Launchpad (R)
Dollar Short
Jitterbug (R)
Storm Trooper
Le Pew (Q)

It was another 35 degree raining morning when Cochran and I were pulling into the parking lot of the AO. We were expecting there to be only a handful of regulars that were going to brave the weather but to our elated amazement the lot was full. Full of headlights that men sat behind getting ready to experience a Boondocks beatdown.

Storm Trooper was the first to approach me with a grin from ear-to-ear and a level of excitement that can only be compared to that of a child on Christmas morning. He didn’t have a coupon, and he knew that he would soon get one.

We circled up and took a head count of the men around the circle: 18 on a cold, rainy morning in the boonies.


  • Michael Phelps OYO to get warm
  • Side straddle hops – 50 in cadence.
  • More cars pulled in
  • Toy Soldiers – 25 in cadence
  • Recount – 20 HIMs on a cold, rainy morning in the boonies
  • 1/2 mosey so Storm Trooper could scoop up his coupon.
    • I knew then why he was so excited: Trooper knew he was finally going to get an official Boondock

The Thang

  • Tabada
    • 5 exercises with 8 sets.
    • 25 seconds on, 10 seconds off
    • 1 minute rest between each exercise
      • Hernia Bulgers
      • Bent over rows
      • Overhead Press
      • Skull Crushers or Dips
      • Curls for the girls

During the thang I recognized a PAX member I hadn’t seen in the gloom, Curious George and was so excited to see him. After a few minutes of mumble chatter with him Fungi asked him, “how do you know Le Pew?” Curious George’s answer: “I honestly don’t know.” Turns out I’m not as memorable as I thought. . . Moving on.

After we completed the Tabada, we ran all out for 200 yards with everything we had left.


  • Fungi led 20 Nolan Ryan’s on each arm
  • Backflop closed us out with 20 pickle pounders in cadence.

I’m so proud to have led the AO with the highest attendance in the region today. The Boondocks is growing and I’m grateful to everyone’s support. If we continue to grow each AO and plant new flags we can continue to change the lives of more men for the better, and in-turn improve the strength of our city.

Think about how much F3 has added to your life and do your best to headlock others. Cochran and Fungi headlocked me, and I’m a better husband, father, friend, brother, son and servant because their persistence and the F3 Nation.

Giddy up!!!

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