11/2 Bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear (Q)

Disclaimer and mosey to courtyard to stretch.

SSH ic


Upper / lower body stretching

SSH ic

Outside to front of courtyard to work with mini and large coupons.

1:4 ratio merkins : vertical arm raises with mini coupons 10:40

While laying flat on back taking large coupon back over head stretching out abdominal and raising straight over chest.

Shoulder presses with large coupon. Ic

Bent over lat raise with mini coupon ic

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey around parking lot to warm up hands.

Shoulder press with coupon..ic

Standing lat raise mini coupon..ic

American hammers with coupon. Ic

Laying flat on back again taking coupon overhead.

Round of Glauc 20 count Ab circuit.

American hammers ic

Mosey to flag.


Countorama, namorama, announcements, intentions, Prayer.

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