#Rooster BackBlast “The Substitute” #F3Counts

“The Substitute” showed up with a plan. The 20 PAX were thankfully not shooting too many spitballs or being too loud as YHQ gave the disclaimer. YHC knew it would be wet and possibly raining but that did not stop the PAX from getting better.

Digiorno Q
PAX: Glenn Ross, Backdraft, Zima, PED, Sump Pump, Cow Bell, Fergie, Sherpa, Fridge, Noxema Jackson, Steerage, Tiger, Snowman, Spinal Tap, Mad Cow, Toe Jam, Spreadsheet, Ham (good to have you in the Gloom), Airplane, Digiorno

For CI: Only 2 tank tops counted.

Here is how we Woke the Rooster…

Run around building for COP…
Downward Dog
Stretch calves
Runners Stretch, alt legs, right and left hand point to sky
Tricep Stretch
Digiorno Shoulder Stretch
30 SSH, IC

Thang #1:
Running! For those that asked if there would be running…✈️
Route: Leland, St. Matthews, Elmwood, Cherrywood
Stopping at every light post alternating below exercises. All PAX stay together, IC, single count. YHQ was not sure how many light post we hit, probably maybe ~86 (amiright Diablo). YHC became distracted with a little 2rdF and missed 1, the PAX was not about to sell themselves short. We arrived back at the school and all these #HIM were ready for Thang #2.

– 10 Diamond Merkins
– 10 Sumo Squats
– 10 LBC’s

PAX Grab Coupons, Backdraft was happy to get help unloading his truck from the BEATDOWN Q yesterday at #Veterans.

Thang #2:
11 station Tabata (45 second work, 15 second rest, 2 cycles)

– Sumo Squats, w/coupon, side to sides
– When Nature Calls (Bear position, Squat, knee to elbow)
– Merkins
– Curls, w/coupon
– V-ups, w/coupon
– Triple Crush, w/coupon
– LBC’s
– Coupon Press
– Overhead Coupon Press
– Squats w/coupon
– Davinci’s

With 20 PAX we doubled up on each station. This created some great MumbleChatter…Mad Cow told the one about the Bear and the Bunny (you had to be there).
Time was called after almost 2 rounds completed.

Announcements…Hope Scarves Event at Mellow Mushroom Wednesday HDHH til 8pm. Engraved New Belgium glassware.
Intentions…see Slack

I always appreciate the chance to lead all of you. Grinder, hope you get better soon.


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