4/24/18 #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at The O

Q:  Diablo

PAX: (15) Wham!; Busch; Double Down; Storm Trooper; Vincent; Big Bird; Lamb; Cold War; Abacus; Loco; Butcher; Scrum (FNG); Starchild; Tool Time; Diablo

Q Gear: 5.11 Tactical Camo Hat with IronHorse patch; old WKU t-shirt cut into a sloppy asymmetrical muscle tank with dull kitchen scissors; Nike tennis shorts that haven’t been close to a tennis racquet in a couple of years; Nike dry fit socks; blue Nike running shoes I bought at the outlet a while back because the price was right.


There are some days when I want to lead the PAX in a fun workout, let them do something new and different, and have a little fun. But, to be perfectly honest, today I was in the mood for a classic Diablo-style body-breaker.  What did the Twitter bot call this, a hellish coupon infused workout.” I liked that comment. I mean, I literally hit the “like” button on the Twitter app. Oh, and here’s what I imagine when I see Tweet like that:

The mild weather and steady rain was also perfect for the occasion.

Warm Up / COP

PAX gathered around the Flags. Well, PAX gathered next to the flags, on the track, because for some reason we never like to get our feet wet when we’re standing in the rain.  At 0530 PAX ran long-way to the tennis courts and did the following:

Spit Jacks (20 IC)
Chain Breakers (20)
Mountain Climbers (20 IC)
Copperhead Squats (20 IC)
Groiners (15 IC)
Planks (I randomly counted by Mississippi’s a few times)

The Thang

After COP, all PAX grabbed a coupon and carried / transported / ran with  / walked with  / pushed / ployed / relocated / positioned / shifted it over to CAL’s parking lot.  I didn’t care how they got there, but they got there.

For round 1, all PAX found a partner.  P1 did 20 incline merkins using parking curb, while P2 did AMRAP step-ups on the picnic tables while holding a coupon.  Partners would switch after the incline merkins were completed.  PAX did two rounds of this.

For round 2, PAX stayed with his partner. This time, P1 did 20 sumo squats, with coupon, while P2 AMRAP’d dips on the picnic tables.  Partners would switch after the sumo squats were completed.  PAX did two rounds of this.

For round 3, PAX circled up around YHC, all with a coupon. Here’s what we did:

SSHs (20 IC)
Cross-Over Merkins (12)
(I’ve never known what to call those. Maybe in another year.)
Overhead Squats with Coupon (10)
(Another note: These were a bad idea.)
T Merkins (10)
Copperhead Squats with Coupon (20)
SSHs (20 IC)
BOYOs (10)
(Ask Cold War why we did the BOYOs.)

PAX then returned the Coupons and moseyed over to the tennis courts.


Planks ( again counted randomly to myself)
American Hammers (30 IC)
LBCs (30 IC)
Flutter Kicks (30 IC)
Big Boy Sit Ups (25)
LBCs (20 IC)

And we were done.


PAX circled up for name-o-rama, where we welcomed another Butcher HL, Scrum. As is always the case with Butcher’s posse, seemed like to good dude. He recently moved to Arkansas to help plant a church there.  Hopefully, he finds F3 there, but he is always welcome here.  Intentions were made, prayers were offered, and I said some things to close us out.

Thank you as always for joining me in the Gloom.


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