4/24 @F3Carpenter Backblast – Thank You Hill

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax: Trump, Red Roof, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, Crab (FNG), Gillespie, Nickleback, Pope, CI (and Val, the sandbag Q)

Zoolander was supposed to Q today, but had to fly to Milan for an emergency fashion show. So, as site Q, I stepped in to Q. I had a simple, but diabolical plan ready to go.

Conditions: 55* drizzling.

Gearlander: Running shorts bc we were going to run, Swiftwick socks, New Balance MR 1400s, I Want You to Party Uncle Sam Solo Cup Tank Top, F3Louisville Hoorag

As I gave my disclaimer, Scuba Steve came in on two wheels. Dude IS FAST. I explained we’d do a sandbag Indian Run around the park. We ended in the parking lot opposite of where the kidnapper van parked for COP.

All 18x IC


Grass Grabbers

Cooper head squats

Imperial Walkers

Indian Run to the Park entrance. At this point, Red Roof knew where we were going…. a hill across the street that Pope named “Thank You Hill”. The grade looks like the picture on this post.

At the top, I politely asked the Pax to to bear crawl down to the bottom. Lots of Thank Yous (replace Thank with the fourth F of F3).

At the bottom, partner up for Dora 200, 400, 600. Merkins, squats and lbcs, while Partner ran up and back on that grade. Flapjack until done.

Early finishers planked for the six. Then, we had to get back up. So we lunge walked up half and bear crawled up the other. Pope threatened to roll up the hill.

We got to the top and did another sand bag Indian Run back to the flag. Time was up.

COR sand NOR. Welcome Crab, a naked headlock by Butcher, who has been a headlocking machine. Trump called the six and explained how he’s never spent a night in Moscow. Reminders of Hope Scarves fund raising via the Marathon Relay and the GROWRUCK. I took us out with some words reminding the Pax that when things seem tough to remember the women Hope Scarves supports.

CI out.

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