Pre-Blast 4/24/18 The Bridge – Bob Ross on the Q @Poshlands

Someone asked me at the convergence my favorite thing about F3 and I immediately thought of the morning snot rockets…. Sure everyone loves the camaraderie, fellowship and  just the feeling of accomplishing a tough workout but I love the clear sinuses! Let’s face it: this is a no-win situation. But runners and health experts alike say that when executed with skill, the snot rocket is the best choice of clear sinuses. Here’s why there are good health reasons to launch your boogers during your workout — and how to do it in a (relatively) subtle fashion.

There are health benefits to the snot rocket: “Not blowing mucus out of your nose can be uncomfortable if it blocks your breathing,” says Dr. Sedaghat. “Mucus that stays in the nose can also turn hard and crusty, which can also be uncomfortable.” While there’s a possibility that blowing through your nose could technically lead to popped blood vessels or hurting your ears, it’s highly unlikely, says Sedaghat. (Blow that hard and you, my friend, will impress even the professor of Otolaryngology.)

If you workout outside regularly, you’ve almost certainly confronted this issue. You also may have wondered why your nose runs when you exercise outside in the first place.

Experts aren’t quite sure, but they have some guesses. “When you breathe normally, air stays in the nose long enough to get warmed up by the lining of the nose,” making your inhalations and exhalations mucus-free, says Ahmad R. Sedaghat, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor of Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School and a doctor at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

That being said… there will be lots of opportunity to practice your technique tomorrow.  I just ask that you do it away from other PAX members in a safe place. There will be lots of running during tomorrows Bridge workout and if you have a headlamp please bring one.


P.S. Even Tom Brady loves a good SR

“It’s all about timing it so it coincides with your breathing,” says Brady. “When I am preparing for a snot rocket, I take a deep breath in and use my big breath out to blow it. You always have to block the other nostril too, to make sure you get the full force behind it.” (Unofficial snot rocket master Tom Brady perfectly demonstrates this skill above.)

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