BB The Bridge Q – 10.10.22

2 Brave HIMS greeted me this glorious morning when I arrived to the Posh. Oh wait make that 3…PK came screaming in on 2 wheels. After a little soccer we squared up for stretching, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers and IW. THANG 1 Farmer carry around the island while partner 1 does burpees. Rifle CarryContinue reading “BB The Bridge Q – 10.10.22”

Backblast 9.23.2 0 The Bridge

Attendance: Double Down, Stick Up, Dynamite, Ripple, Fertile Myrtle, Jewel, Mr. Kotter, Meathead, Dryrub, Short Change, Bob Ross Q. It was a nice morning – probable 60 degreesish. Happy to see Mr Kotter there early stretching when I pull up. Head count of 10 then a late arrival makes 11. WARMORAMA SSH, Grass Grabbers, ImperialContinue reading “Backblast 9.23.2 0 The Bridge”

Backblast 6-15-20 The Incubator

It was a lovely morning @5:30am. Super pumped to have the Q to celebrate my 3 year anniversary. Coming in hot because Presto was having a tough time finding gloves for the Gloom. 17 Hims in the gloom Huggies, Deep Dish, Minnow, Endo, Little Jerry, Double Down, Fauker, Jitterbug, Nino, Presto, Ladybird, Colonel Clink, Jewel, HolyContinue reading “Backblast 6-15-20 The Incubator”

Backblast – 1.24.20 – BO Long Run

A rainy 45 degrees this am when I get in my car and make my way the to grab Methane Disclaimer given at 5:00 8 HIMS: Huggies, Mr. Hat, Billboard, Back Flop, Stormtropper, Squid, Methane, Bob Ross Q We under the pavilion Warm-o-rama. SSH Imperial Walkers Grass grabbers Abe Vigotta Calf stretch to Mountain ClimbersContinue reading “Backblast – 1.24.20 – BO Long Run”

Backblast – 10.3.19 Cloverfield at The Garden

A little warm this am for October 3rd but I’ll take it any day over the blustery cold that makes us knowingly swear as we get out of our warm bed to layer up to climb in to our freezing car. Arriving at 5:15am I see that we have significant light to do the stationContinue reading “Backblast – 10.3.19 Cloverfield at The Garden”

BB – Bob Ross – The Bridge – 8/7

It was amazing to see my bro and bro-in-law this morning. I’ve been telling those guys for almost 2 yrs now how they wold love getting up at 5am and running backwards up a hill. I was greeted at the with enthusiasm this am with 22 happy faces.  Dynomite, Jitterbug (R), Ladybird (R) Sandtrap (R),Continue reading “BB – Bob Ross – The Bridge – 8/7”

Pre-Blast @The Bridge “Back to School with Bob Ross

What will be painted on the canvas for this Wednesday.  How about rocks and bridges. I’m taking it old school for this back to school bunch. I plan on making it you vs you. I will go over the core principles and what makes F3 great in my opinion. Plan for a little running, pickingContinue reading “Pre-Blast @The Bridge “Back to School with Bob Ross”

Back Blast 7.8.19 The Incubator

Slightly muggy 72 degrees Showed up to see 3 HIMS already ready to go… and then 11 more quickly followed 14 TOTAL Whitney, Retainer, Methane, Lady Bird, Skirmish, Grandpa Bear, Scratch-n-dent, Ashley, Speed Bump, Viking, Glauc, Harbaugh, Pew Pew, Bob Ross   Started of with our disclaimer: Mosey to the fountain for COP Cherry PickersContinue reading “Back Blast 7.8.19 The Incubator”

Backblast 7.1.19 The Silo @North Posh

After a weekend of poolin n boozin I was not looking forward to 5:30 am..! However I woke up slightly better than expected. It was a fairly humid 72 degrees when I pulled into N-Posh and was met with smiling faces. 7 Pax in total: Nino, Abacus, Mr Kottier, Little Jerry, Nice-N-Slow, Catfish and meContinue reading “Backblast 7.1.19 The Silo @North Posh”

Backblast – The Incubator 6.10.19

THE SCENE: It was a humid sticky morning. 72 and muggy …but NO RAIN.  PAX: Double Down, Little Jerry, Jitter bug, Air Ball, Deep Dish, Mark Smith FNG, Fuctose, Mr. Kotter, Lady Bird, Uncle Rico, Bob Ross Q DISCLAIMER I advised the PAX that they dont need to kill themselves and explained the FNG thatContinue reading “Backblast – The Incubator 6.10.19”

Backblast 5/28/19 BOW at The O

Date: 05/28/2019 AO: The O QIC: Bob Ross PAX: Methane, Zartan, Violet, Flo JO, Tammy Fe Baker, OJ, Fergi, Tron, Scuba Steve, Fall Guy respect, Carlos A, Bob Ross Conditions: 78F and humid DISCLAIMER Run to BBall Court. COP SSH x20 Mountain Climbers x20 Merkins x20 Imperial Squats x20 LBC x20 The Thang: Once everyone was loose we started doingContinue reading “Backblast 5/28/19 BOW at The O”

Backblast 4.15.19 Incubator

4/15/19 Q: Bob Ross Weather 38 degrees AO: Poshland The Pax: Pew, pew, Jitterbug, Viking, Retainer, DYNOMITE, Big Bird, Jolly Rancher, Sandtrap, Storm Trooper, Lasdbird, Gypsy, Bob Ross. We start with the disclaimer and a slow mosey to our COP. The Thang COP: Side straddle hop 20 Cherry Picker 20 Abe Begotta 15 Imperial SquatsContinue reading “Backblast 4.15.19 Incubator”

Backblast – 2/20/19. The Tank @ Veterans

I wondered how many would brave the elements when I was awakened by the bolt of lightening and thunderclap this morning. Turns out 4 – and myself make 5! Methane, Deep Dish, Drysdale, Aerobie, and Bob Ross Q Weather 32 and Pouring. We huddled up (all 5 of us) under the pavilion. The Disclaimer wasContinue reading “Backblast – 2/20/19. The Tank @ Veterans”

Backblast – The Silo @North Posh 1.28.19

PAX: 13, Banana Hands, Gigum, Uncle Rico, Milton, Cock Ring, Le Pew, Catfish, Carlton Zima, Chickless, Abacus, Bob Ross-Q WEATHER: Lower 30s, Clear, Light breeze at the top of the hill After Disclaimer we mosey down the hill and over the fence to the lower parking lot. Thang 1 – 7s 1 squat at theContinue reading “Backblast – The Silo @North Posh 1.28.19”