Back Blast 7.8.19 The Incubator

Slightly muggy 72 degrees

Showed up to see 3 HIMS already ready to go… and then 11 more quickly followed

Whitney, Retainer, Methane, Lady Bird, Skirmish, Grandpa Bear, Scratch-n-dent, Ashley, Speed Bump, Viking, Glauc, Harbaugh, Pew Pew, Bob Ross


Started of with our disclaimer:

Mosey to the fountain for COP

Cherry Pickers x20

Abe Begotta x20

Imperial walkers x20

SSH x20

Groiners x20



Bernie up Meth Hill half way then a sprint.. at the top Groiners

Run down to Burpees.

Up and down must equal = 11


Native American run back to bridge.

Dips on the bridge x20

Continued a mosey back for 5 minutes of Mary.

Mary consisted of a Glauc special… 20 mini, medium and full sit-ups and then other various forms of ab torcher.

Finished with announcements and intentions.

-Bob Ross




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