Backblast – B.O. @ the O 7-8-19

PAX: PED (Q), Glen Ross, Fergie, Buschhhh, Fallguy (R), Pepperoni, Backdraft, Blueprint, Tin Cup.

Weather, like walking in a water blanket, aka heavy.

Workout was called a run medium, which was before I had completed my winkie. It may have turned into run heavy, which I heard about from the PAX.

Gave disclaimer and headed toward basketball courts for some light stretching. Started with 20 Grass Grabbers (IC), downward dog, runners stretch, and pretzel stretch on both legs.

Thang 1 – Did a Native American Run across the interstate toward the golf course. Went all the way to the road to the Seneca clubhouse and across the bridge. Followed the cart path and cut across to the cart path on hole 10. Started at the bottom of the cart path and bernie sanders up, 20 big boys at the top and back down for 20 merkins. Blast up the cart path again for another 20 big boys and down for another set of merkins. Broke up into various speed groups. One group took off on the path around hole 11 while the other group did an additional time up the hill.

Thang 2 – Everyone ran along the cart path of hole 11 and met up at the road across the cart path bridge. Ran to the road bridge. Did 20 dips, 30 second downward plank, and 20 inclined merkins. Pax split up with some taking the flatter route to Old Cannons and others the hill up and around to Old Cannons. Everyone met at the top of the hill headed back toward the tennis courts. Everyone mozied back to the tennis courts.

Quick Mary of 20 Big Boys and 20 Rosalita (IC). Backdraft and Blueprint joined us for these as they missed the start (damn train!!!) and we were never in a usual spot.

Name-a-rama, gave intentions and started the day off right.

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