Miyagi’s last dance

Qs: Seabass and Nugget and Snowman


Sump Pump
Noxeema Jackson
Snowman- co Q
Tool Time
Soft Top
Big Papi
Left Eye
Meter Maid
Nugget co-Q
Seabass co-Q

As YHC arrived at 6:40, I noticed 2 cars in the Mutt parking lot. But no one shows up early at the Mutt, right? Apparently when an occasion such as Miyagi’s send off occurs, the Pax starts early. Seabass and O strolled around the grounds to find the scene of the face melter. We came bag to the flag to see 6 ruckers and a few early birds. I knew that the rest would be along soon as the Mutt pax likes to cut it close.

Snowman disclaimed and sent us around the school as is the SOP of the Mutt pax. We gathered in the fat parking lot for COP


Imperial walkers

Abe vigoda

And some various running stretches

Thang 1

Seabass took the reigns for the start of a deceiving difficult hour. All Pax partnered up with someone close to their ability.

As a pair, you would accomplish the following:

50 burpees

Run to the end of the parking lot and back

100 Merkins

Run again

150 step lunge walk

Run again

200 squats

Run again

150 step lunge walk

Run again

100 Merkins

Run again

And finish on 50 more burpees

If a group finished, go pick up the six.

Props to Diablo, McAfee and Meter Maid for wearing a weight vest (in hindsight, maybe they were second guessing the decision). This was a monster. I was smoked afterwards, but still needed to lead us in the next Thang.

One partner grabbed a coupon and we circled up in the middle parking lot for:

Thang 2

Crazy rights

Partner 1

8 push press

8 coupon swings

8 walk over Merkins

Partner 2 rest and push P1

8 rounds each.

Again deceiving. On paper it looked like a solid workout, but nothing too crazy. Especially with the rest in between. 2 things of note, YHC was sucking wind after the 2rd round. Snowman was killing it and the rest time seemed very short. The other thing of note: don’t underestimate the motivation of 2 Larry Birds next to you. McAfee and Deuce were rolling. I heard them say they were on rd 6, and I knew I needed to pick it up. The MC started heavy on this one, but was near silence at the end.

Once finished, one partner returns the coupon. The other lines up on one side of the parking lot.

I sent Seabass to retrieve the football for some Burpee football. We headed to the field for some fun after some serious work this morning.

And YHC did discover that the apple may not fall far from the tree with Seabass connection with Deauce as time expired (don’t worry, my team won, he doesn’t have my number in this as of yet)

We headed back to the flag for


Aerobic led us in announcements and intentions. He asked us to place a hand on Miyagi as he asked for guidance and safety in Miyagi’s move to Florida.

Miyagi will be missed. He has been enthusiastic in all aspects of F3 from the start. I love his dedication to the group as he finished school and started a new job. From all of us, thank you, Miyagi. I have no doubt that you will be successful in Florida and beyond.

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