Backblast – The Silo @North Posh 1.28.19

PAX: 13, Banana Hands, Gigum, Uncle Rico, Milton, Cock Ring, Le Pew, Catfish, Carlton Zima, Chickless, Abacus, Bob Ross-Q

WEATHER: Lower 30s, Clear, Light breeze at the top of the hill

After Disclaimer we mosey down the hill and over the fence to the lower parking lot.

Thang 1 – 7s

1 squat at the top of the hill and 6 at the bottom and continue until we do 6 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

Thang 2

Native American Run down the Louisville Loop (dodging ice patches) to other side where we take in the beautiful smell of raw sewage. From there we run back with partners rotating Barry Sanders and sprints.

After several sprints up the hills we come to the parking lot to do more 7s.

Thang 3

1 squat for 6 burpees (continue until 6 squats to 1 burpee)

Giving it everything we have we sprint back to the flag.

A little Mary – Freddie Mercury, Rosalitas, Flutter Kicks and we done!

Announcements –  Not much – A little talk about how much fun the Awards Banquet was (and how I wish I could have made it) Intentions – Everyone get healthy!!

Love the running! Awesome work from North Posh crew and big shout out to our visitor from Frankfort!

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