Backblast 7.1.19 The Silo @North Posh

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 10.17.41 AM.png

After a weekend of poolin n boozin I was not looking forward to 5:30 am..! However I woke up slightly better than expected.

It was a fairly humid 72 degrees when I pulled into N-Posh and was met with smiling faces.

7 Pax in total: Nino, Abacus, Mr Kottier, Little Jerry, Nice-N-Slow, Catfish and me Q (Bob Ross)

We started with a mosey up and down the entrance hill.

Ending or mosey at the smaller/steeper hill at the parking lot for COP.


20 Mountain Climbers

15 Abe Bogoda

15 Imperial walkers


7’s – Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill and do a squats.

Sprint to the bottom and do Decline Mericans.

Another round of 7’s – Lunge to the top and do Groiners.

Sprint to the bottom and do Decline Mericans.

Then we ran back to the flag.

Pair up and on the next THANG

one partner runs to the bench 20 dips. second partner does box jump until he returns.

Second time around (because we had a little time) we all ran to the bench 20 dips and then mule kicks until it was 6:15 in the dot.

Circle up and namorama.


and off to fight another work week.




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