BB The Fog @ Poshlands 2.20.21

The single digit weather couldn’t keep away the 5 brave HIMS away from the gloom this morning.

5 -PAX: Ladybird (R), Diane Dukes, Jitterbug (R), Methane CO-Q, Bob Ross CO-Q

We start with a mosey to the rock bridge to do COP underneath the overpass in hopes that it will raise the wind chill. Not so much we’re still freezing out asses off. We start to heat up with a little COP.


Imperial squats x20

Abe Begota x20

Grass Grabbers x20

20x Merkins

After COP we start with THE THANG – Eleven’s

At the bottom of the hill under the overpass we do one Burpee and at the top 10 Squats until we get to 11. Lots of mumbelchatter and dodging of ice as we run.

Since the pax was a lttle pressed for time and anticipating Methan’s portion of the Q we cut the workout at 7:30am and made are way back to the flag for THANG II.

Methane grabs his phone for some Beastie boys and Chili Peppers and we start our coupon work.

We do each exercise of reps OR for 1 minute what ever comes first.

Coupon Swings x20

Hand move Merkins x20

Manmakers x10

Coupon Squats x20

Flutter Kicks holding coupon overhead x20

Rest (The PAX repeat for 3 rounds until 8am)

We circled up for COR and intentions. Prayers for a few of my extended family members and the many emergency responders we noticed this morning on the Gene Snyder.

-Bob Ross

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