Backblast – The Incubator 6.10.19



It was a humid sticky morning. 72 and muggy …but NO RAIN. 

PAX: Double Down, Little Jerry, Jitter bug, Air Ball, Deep Dish, Mark Smith FNG, Fuctose, Mr. Kotter, Lady Bird, Uncle Rico, Bob Ross Q


I advised the PAX that they dont need to kill themselves and explained the FNG that I’m not a professional.


Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction) 

SSH x20 IC

Cherry pickers x20 IC

Mountain climbers x20 IC

Imperial squats x20 IC


10 min workout

20 – Decline Mericans

20 – Box jumps

20 – Gas pumps

20 – Run the small loop

10 min workout 2

20 – Mule Kicks

20 – Dips

20 – Gas pumps

20 – Carolina Dry Docks

10 min workout 3

20 – Burpees

20 – Calf Raises

20 – Imperial Squats

20 – Run the small loop


11 PAX:  We named of FNG -Skirmish give thanks to LJ for knowing his love of Marshall University.


Gave thanks to everyone and safe travels. Mr. Kotter shared his thanks for dropping belt loops and we move on tho attack another week.

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