Backblast – 10.3.19 Cloverfield at The Garden

A little warm this am for October 3rd but I’ll take it any day over the blustery cold that makes us knowingly swear as we get out of our warm bed to layer up to climb in to our freezing car.

Arriving at 5:15am I see that we have significant light to do the station workout that I pictured in my head.

Disclaimer given at 5:30

12 HIMS: Huggies, Husky, Latex, Nino, Indo, Frosted Tips, Nice-N-Slow, PK, Wapner, Worm, Gypsy, Bob Ross Q

We start with a mosey around the school back to the parking lot for Warm-o-rama


Grass grabers

Abe Vigotta

Calf stretch to Plan Jacks

Imperial Walkers

x25 each

The Thang

The Thang

7’s on the grass hill

6 Groiners for 1 Merican

Thang 2

5 stations going up the big hill.

first time up – Squats x25 at each station

second time up – Lunges x25 at each station

third time up Burpees x25 at each station

We didnt get to finish the Burpees but no one was complaining.

Announcements and intentions and we out.

  • Bob Ross



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