3.13.18 Carpenter BackBlast: Field Trip to the Zoo

Having been given the opportunity to Q the 2dn WO at our new AO, I wanted to show the PAX all that this gorgeous park had to offer. I had a meinke but wanted to do some further recon to lock it down. So a solo picnic with my SpiderMan lunch box was exactly what I needed.

Sadly, while munching on baby carrots I saw a sign stating the Park was reseeding an area of grass that I was planning to use during my Q. Oh well. Plan B was activated and I knew then we would be taking a field trip to the Zoo.


Captain Insane-o










Scuba Steve


Conditions: 29* with a slight easterly wind.

Gearlander: Black NB Minimus kicks, no see em thin SmartWool socks, light blue LuLu shorts, black Vans tank top, Buff ascot, F3Louisville HooRag and MudGear Tac hat

Disclaimer was given as what I thought was our final arrival of the day pulled up. It was Nickelback. Let’s take a quick step back.

Back on June 20th during a Jordy led WO Nickelback stepped on a root during a mosey and badly rolled his ankle. This injury sidelined NB for a long time and was our first of several injuries. By the way by rolled I mean destroyed and I think he has a robot leg now. Not surprisingly when Nickelback made his return recently everyone who knew him was ecstatic for his return. To be clear, most of us had posted with NB maybe 6-10 times. We all didn’t know each other that well but it doesn’t matter. Whether you have posted once of a hundred times you are part of something bigger than yourself and seeing NB come back to cheers and open arms make me proud to be a part of this group.

Mosey to parklot to right of starting point.


Kendra Newman’s and Digiorno shoulder stretch


15 IW IC


10 Merkin iC

15 Copperhead IC


Then mosey to Zoo parking lot and when we stop


10 Merkin iC

15 Copperhead IC


Mosey to Back corner of parking lot to terraced lot with 4 sets of steps.

Amrap for 7 minutes. You v you style. Run up 2 flights of stairs and about 25 yards to down steps. Do 10 big boy sit ups and run down. Then run about 25 yards to up steps and do 10 Merkins. Rinse and repeat until time. CI, StarChild and Nickelback Larry Bird’d it.

Mosey back to JC walking path and Freddie Merc while we wait for 6

Mosey to one of JC lots

Inch worm bear crawl

SSH Hop line

5x Merkin time bomb

Back to the flag for

Big boy Rosalita Webb to 5:20 before times up.

OJ and StarChild had to bounce before COT but we were all glad they made it out to the Carpenter.

COR NOR for 12 strong PAX today. Announcements for this weeks WO lineup, F3Dads and this weekends Passion Ruck.

Thanks to the Sky-Q primarily for this group of HIMs and the impact you have all made on my life. Time to go out and crush the day.

YHC, Zartan

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