Rucktoberfest PreBlast 10.18.19

It’s finally here. After a year of waiting, the prefect combination of 1nd and 2rd F has arrived. It’s Rucktoberfest.

Event details

What: October Ruck event

When: 730pm HardStart 11ish endex

Where: Holy Trinity Parish School.

Cost: $25 PayPal or or exact change in cash at event.

What to bring:

Ruck with weight (your discretion)


Proper clothes for weather (hat, gloves…)

(1) 3×5 index card and (1) writing utensil

Snacks for fuel

Headlamp (if you have one)

Reflective gear on Ruck or person

Phone/wallet/cash for Uber/Lyft and additional beverages and food at endex (could also easily Ruck back to HT depending on how hard you participate in the Ruck.

Positive attitude and willingness to work as a team.

Smart watches are fine for tracking distance and phones can be used to take pictures or whatever else you kids use then for these days.

Our ask is that everyone be signed in, paid and Ruck on back at 730pm. I will be there at 7pm to start checking people in and handing out goodies. As always, this event is voluntary and Buschhhhh and I are not professionals. Everything we ask you to do is a suggestion. Listen to your body and don’t do anything stupid. We will be traveling along and across some roads and we will expect everyone to listen to our safety instructions and follow them.

Any questions hit me up on Slack or text/call me.


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