2.18.19 O BO BB: Beer can cause questionable decision making.

Backstory- This past weekend at the Ruiner the PAX were all a buzz with talk of the TailSpin Ale Fest taking place later that afternoon. I bring this up for a few reasons but understand, we talked about this for at least 10 of the 60 minutes of the WO. Buschhhhh had a ticket for me but GlennRoss and I learned during Fergies warm up run that Buschhhhh is really popular and cool. He was attending the UofL game, arrived in limo and sat in a suite, and taking a beer branded shuttle from ATG to the event. GR being the stud that he is offered up a “VIP” ticket for me instead to join Fridge and himself for the festivities. I accepted of course.

As we started Mary Roof asked when said festival was taking place. We spent the next 6 minutes busting his chops for not paying attention to the mubblechatter from the WO. Since he is not the Nathan anymore it’s open season for jokes on RR ๐Ÿ‘ & ๐Ÿงค

Long story short, VIP tickets were GA and I was almost booted by armed security. Spreadsheet loves Fruit Loops ( 2nd name change pending approval). Beer is really good. Peroni enjoyed the festival more than anyone else. And when lost in a crowd look for GR. He is tall. Also if note, be weary of Pineapple conversations in front of Buschhhhh’s Dad.

Somewhere during the above I agreed to Q Buschhhhhs workout as Buschhhhh. Here is what went down.

PaX: Wham!, Violet, GLennRoss, Buschhhhh, BackDraft, Snowman, Pepperoni, Scuba Steve, PED, Fridge & Zartan(Q)

Conditions: low 30s. Perfect

Gearlander: This was weird. Q’n as Buschhhhh I woke up feeling and looking great. Yuengling cap, BEERUCK shirt and short shorts.

Having played basketball ball last night YHC was moving slow. Showed up at exactly 0530, planted Club Paradise flag and we were off.

Warm up lap the long way to tennis courts. Grabbed coupons and stayed in small tennis courts for COP.


15 IW IC


Downward Dog IC?



15 Grass grabbers IC

15 Don Quixote IC (slow)


Moseyed to large tennis courts with coupons. Not that these tennis courts are larger than regulation courts or anything. Just a larger grouping of courts for clarification.

Thang1 was a progressive WO. At corner 1 (C1) we did 5 Burpees then a full lap around all courts (regulation size). Then did 5 burpees, ran to C2 and did 10 merkins and ran a lap back to burpee station. 5 burpees, ran, 10 merkins, ran to C3 for 20 lunges and lap back to C1. Did the stuff above and finished with 40 squats at C4 follows by lap on track back to tennis courts.

Circled up with coupons for some tabata-ish training.

60 seconds on 10 off

2 rounds of curls

2 rounds chest press on back

Lap around the courts.

2 rounds of rows.

2 rounds of flutter kicks with coupon (woof)

Lap around the courts.

1 round Coupon American Hammers

1 round Big Boys

Time dwindling, knocked out some mary in quick secession with no break all IC

American Hammers


Gas pump

Rinse and repeat.

Coupons stowed and back to that beautiful CP flag. COR, NoR and COT.

I talked briefly about how F3 can add balance to your life. Making home life, work and friendships better. I truly believe that when I can get out a few times a week and the weekend, I am a better husband, father and friend.

Let’s hold each other accountable and keep getting better.

Buschhhhh, I mean Z out.

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