2/16/19 – Back Blast; the Ruiner @ the “O”

This is late; I apologize, but I blame the beer. As many of you know, Tail Spin went off Saturday afternoon and was an excellent event. Kudos to all of the Pax involved. Great effort and a great success.

Weather – Cold, but reasonable in the 30s. Despite the threat of snow, no precipitation and no ice.

Pax (13) – Pope, Gillespie, Violet, Glenn Ross, Busch, Red Roof, Tammy Fay Baker, Lumbergh. Pork Chop, Nickelback, Peroni, Zartan, Fergie (Q)

To get warmed up, we did a moving COP. Short distance jogs to get moving, followed by a light exercise (SSHs, Grass Grabbers) or stretch (down dog, etc). Total lap was probably at or just under a mile, with around 5 stops. We made a final stop at the coupon garden and partnered up.

Thang 1 – Dora
During CI’s tour, he reminded us of the all the great spots on the O, so I decided that the hill behind the ball fields hadn’t been used in quite a while. It was also, despite all the rain earlier that week, still in good shape. So, with coupons in hand, we did a prisoner march (coupon held over head) towards the hill in a catch me if you can fashion. Each partner switch with the coupon was 5 burpees.

Our first (and main) thang of the day…Dora.
With partners, partner 1 runs to the other side of the hill and does 10 merkins at the top of the other side. Partner 2 starts knocking out the following:
50 – Man Makers
100 – BBSUs
150 – curls
200 – Rows
250 – Squats

Rotate and repeat til finished. If you have not had the pleasure of running this hill (sorry, I am not aware of its official F3 name), it’s really 2 hills in one (down, then up to reach the top on the other side, then back down and back up to the start) and generally fairly steep on both sides. Time was called at 10 til, though I think most were working through their last set.

Thang 2 / Mary
We had 10 minutes to fill. We returned to the tennis courts w/ our coupons. We closed out rotating with our partners. While half the pax did 25 IC flutter kicks (coupon held in a bench press position), the other half held plank (various forms). Once complete, switch. We were able to get through 4 rounds before time was up.

Intentions were said for those we know going through tough times. Given the beer tasting being attended by many, I left a quick reminder about thinking about our decisions, thinking about the impact of those decisions, and allowing our decisions to be the example we set for others. It was said in context

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