8.6.19 BoW Q-School BB: Blah Blah Merkin Blah

PAX: Face, Airplane, Captain Insane-o, Buschhhhh, Wham!, Digiorno, PorkChop, PitStop, Abacus, Methane, Butcher, Merlin, Jinxy, GirlScout, Splinter, Data, Tron, Nugget, Dorthy, GreenWave, Paris, Doogie, Lobsta’, Gru, Gillespie, Vincent(R), Cutlass, Violet, FloJo & Zartan (Q)

Conditions: bout as good as August gets.

Gearlander: Altra kicks, shorts (too short) and shirt (too tight) with trusty tac hat

Special thanks to Nino and McAfee for spearheading the Q School Week for the F3 Louisville PAX. With the growth we have had over the course of 2019, this was needed and appreciated. TCLAPs.

0530 hard start. No FNGs. Brief intro to Q School, disclaimer, explained 6 and headed the long way to tennis courts.

Circled up for COP. Explained this is usually the first component of a F3 WO. All the following exercises in cadence less Merkins.

SSH, Abe Vs, GrassGrabbers, Merkins, copperhead squats.

In between exercises explained the mission of F3, 5 Core principles and made at least one inappropriate comment. Maybe two.

Moved onto the thang. Also explained this portion is usually the meat of the F3 WO sandwich.

Dora 1-2-3 Partnered up for 100 Merkins, 200 squats and 300 LBCs. P1 worked on exercises while P2 ran full length of tennis courts and back. Rinse and Repeat until completion. PAX did plank variations while waiting for 6.

Moseyed to coupons and field for a little partner AMRAP.

P1 Curls P2 karaoke up and back. R&R

P1 Rows P2 Mario up and back. R&R

Back to the flag for COR, NOR and COT. Explained that this is how we finish WOs and importance of each step. Wham! was the 6 and shared how he was given his name. Announcements made- Custom GR Tough, golf scramble (Buschhhhhh) and something else I am forgetting. 31 PAX formed up for Ball of Man and we shared intentions and I led us out with what Faith in F3 means to me.

Thanks to everyone for hanging with me this morning. I know it was a lot of talking (blah blah blah) and explanations and hopefully you got something out of it.


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