BB 8/6 Uncle Rico @ The Cliffs

With The Garden becoming an official AO I knew I had to step up my game.  With it being back to Q School Week what better way to do it then read through the Lexicon and find some knew exercises.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 19 PAX at The Garden and showed them how we got the name The Cliffs.

19 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), PK, Fructose, Airball, Minnow, Kilo, Harbaugh, Holla, Latex, Whitney (R), Mr. Hat, Blank (FNG), Swifty, Frosted Tips, Dunphy, Nice N Slow, OJ, and Huggies

Went over Mission of F3, Disclaimer, and Warm Up

Quick Mosey to Gym 
Circle Up 
10 SSH
15 Grass Grabbers
Plank with R over L and L over R 
5 Merkins
Kendra Newman's 
CHUMBABURPEES - Listen to Tubthumbing by Chumbawamba.  
Every time says I get knocked Down = Burpee with SSH In Between. 

Grab Coupons and GAME ON
Thang - Partner Up - Modified DORA - Modification Suggestions were Given
Partner 1 - Run to the Hill of Souls and Bear Crawl up/Mosey back to Gym
Partner 2 - 100 ManMakers, 100 The Lion King, and 100 Were not Worthy Praises
10 Count and Discussed F3's 5 Principals- Mosey Back to Flag

Circle of Abs - Flutter Kicks, Heel Taps, Dying Cockroach, American Hammers

Circled Up.  Intentions were made special prayer for Nice N Slow and his family and ended with
an Our Father.

Thanks again for the invite and to all the PAX who came out.  Until next time


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