December 2018 BEERUCK: Merry Rucking Christmas.

It’s been almost one year since a few of the F3Louisville faithful contemplated a ruck that incorporated a pub crawl and rucking event. When Kilo organized the monthly ruck events I jumped on the chance to lead in December.

This BackBlast is going to be like a trip to Vegas. What happens on BEERUCK stays on BEERUCK. Nothing happened that would get anyone in trouble or cause an M distress. However what happened is for the below 44 studs to reminisce on and for those that want to know to join Buschhhhh and I in Oct 2019 for the next round of awesomeness.

While I won’t share a ton about the event, I will tell you that Buschhhhh and I spent several weeks planning this bad boy. It was important that we put the proper time in to ensure everyone had fun but also got a serious beatdown. I can’t remember if it was our 6th or 7rd beer meeting when we decided the beatdown portion was over rated and the fun portion should be a solo performance. Needless to say I had just as much fun planning this event as I did participating. Huge shout out to Buschhhhh for spearheading the logistics and working with all the fine establishments we visited. Plus did you see all the sweet Yuengling gear he brought? And those BEERUCK shirts we had?

So with out further a-due, here is what went down.

Hard start at 8pm. People arrived as early as 720 ( talking to you CI and guilt by association MC). All you need to know is we broke 40 PAX into 2 teams of 20, gave some basic instructions and threatened a beatdown that never came. I did let the one guy who said he came for a hardcore beatdown know that I would be disappointing him.

Teams elected OJ and StarChild as team captains. From there we headed out and well, see the pics to see what happened.

(please view while listening to “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling)


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. Thanks for everyone who made this event a success.

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