9.3.19 BoW BB



Vincent (R)









Conditions: not too bad as all

Disclaimer given and short cut to tennis courts for COP

All IC

Grass Grabbers

Imperial Walkers

Abe Vs


To celebrate football season I concocted a little tennis court progression. 7 points is what you get for a touchdown and extra point and a football game has 4 quarters so…

Quarter 1 was 1 merkin and run to end of first court, 2 Merkins run back to start and 3 Merkins. Repeat until you hit 7.

Q2 was squats to 2dn court

Q3 was lunges to 3th court

Q4 was burpees to 4rd court

I was trying to keep up with Vincent who was trying to keep up with Violet. I officially was smoked by the start of the 4th quarter. To this point we had music stylings by Jurassic 5, Celly Cel, The Click and Twista.

Moseyed to coupons and field. 5 AMRAP sets of 1 min tabata with 7 second rest between. Rows, squats, curls, overhead press and thrusters. Kid Cudi was our soundtrack.

In a throw back of how I kicked off the Woman’s World Cup, we all grouped up in field facing Cannons Ln with a football. We took turns kicking or throwing the ball as we worked our way to Cannons Ln. we would then run to where the ball landed and complete either 5 or 10 reps (W called it) of Merkins, squats and lunges. Rinse and repeat until we made it to Cannons Ln. however running out of time we turned around and made our way back to the tennis courts for some tabata Mary.

Same 5 AMRAP sets of 1 min tabata with 7 second rest between. LBCs, gas pumps, flutter kicks, V Ups and Big Boys. Woof. This was hard. Some Nas and Lupe Fiasco fueled this session.

Back to “flag” for COR, NOR and COT. Thanked everyone for coming out and encouraged all to kick some ass this week.


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