Diablo #BackBlast for The Rooster at The Mutt 9/3/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: (9) PK, Plumb Bob, McAfee, Gepetto, Wiki, Glen Ross, Blue Print, Tureen, Diablo


The weather was perfect in Louisville this morning, with 8(!) workouts going on simultaneously across the region. YHC promised a core-focused workout at The Rooster, and that’s what we did, with some full body exercises and running mixed throughout. Here’s what we did:


SSHs (20 IC)

LBCs (20 IC)

Plank Jacks (20 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

Thang 1

PAX partnered up for 4x4s and Bobby Hurley’s in the HT parking lot. P1 performs AMRAP 4x4s while P2 runs distance of parking for 10 Bobby Hurley’s. Switch, rinse & repeat, for 4 full rounds.

Thang 2

Ace & Gary Style – 3 rounds of Big Boys (15) and plank. P1 does 15 Big Boys, while P2 holds P1’s feet in plan position. Switch, rinse & repeat, for 3 full rounds.

Thang 3

PAX took a run through the neighborhood, running for 1 minute, and then stopping for 1 minute of AMRAP of following core work:

AMRAP Flutter kicks (1 minute)

AMRAP LBCs (1 minute)

AMRAP Rosalitas (1 minute)

Plank (1 minute)

As PAX ended back at the school, we ran to coupon sanctuary and immediately grabbed coupons for:

AMRAP American Hammers w/ coupon (1 minute)

AMRAP Big Boys (1 minute)

PAX finished off this work by partnering up for 2 full rounds of Sumo coupon squats (20) and AMRAP merkins.


PAX circled up for NOR, COR, announcements, and intentions. PAX were reminded of 9/11 Ruck Event and to get some Ruck miles in this month if training for GoRuck Tough in October. I said some things and thanked the Sky Q for what we have. As always, thank you for allowing me to be a part of THIS.


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