Parklands Incubator Back Blast

What a great way to start the day and the week! Meeting up with 16 HIMs at 0530, in the chilly tundra of the Poshlands.  

Today YHC decided to keep it simple and ease into the week.  No sand pits, water jugs or toys from my bag of tricks.  Just a PAX of 17 working to be better men.

Q: Methane

PAX: Mr. Hat, Rhythm , Captain Insane-o, Star Child, Uncle Rico, Newman, Dynomite!, Tron, Ice-Man, Swifty, Forced Closed, Steemer, Glaucoma, Gypsy, Double Down, PK (FNG)

Moseyed over to the foot of the bridge to warm up.



Then we broke into 2 groups at the top of the bridge.  Group 1 (G1) ran down the hill and then changed their mode of transportation up the hill while group 2 (G2) did an exercise.  When G1 made it to the top, the groups switched up.  The mode of transport / exercise schedule looked like this:

     * Lunges – LBCs

     * Marios – wall jacks

      * Lunges – American Hammers 

      * Marios – wall sit 

We then moseyed over to the fountain for some more fun.

We did two, 5 minute sessions of alternating exercises.  First session was 10 Derkins and 10 Dips, broken up by a jog down a side ramp.  Second session was 10 step ups or wall jumps and 10 suicide planks.  The pax would rotate through as many rounds as they could do for five minutes.  


Moseyed back to the flag where we did suicide bear crawls between the 3 trees, with 5 Merkins at each tree.  We had one minute left so we did an Amrap of Merkins for one minute.  Done


We circled up to meet our fng “PK”(or Penalty kick) who was brought by a blind headlock from BobRoss-hello? 

Continued prayers for Screech’s family and Ice-man’s father and those families of loved ones in Las Vegas.

Thank you all for making me better and I hope I am returning the favor.

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