Boy-O Boy-O-Boy at the O #bagofwrenches #CG #ISI

QIC: Zartan

PAX:  Double Down, Splinter, Tinkle, Mischa(FNG), OJ, Loco, Wham!, Captain Insane-O, Trump, Diablo, Cutlass, Fall Guy, Mr. Clean, Harry Carry, Scratch, Mayberry, Vincent

No need for an alarm clock this morning.  YHC was wide awake and chipper at 0445 chomping at the bit to head back to the O.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I say lets do some burpees.

5 Boy-Os (burpees on your own) to start and we split into two groups and headed in opposite directions around the track.  The work began when we met on the far side of the park.


5 Boy-Os


5 Boy-Os

25 Imperial Walkers IC

5 Boy-Os


5 Boy-Os

25 Squat Kicks IC

5 Boy-Os

PAX was warmed up and looking for Q to stop saying Boy-O so we moseyed to the starting gates for some thing new.

Thang 1- Burpee Bearcrawl Elevens (11s)   Music by Led Zepplin & Allman Bros

Start with 10 bear crawl (each hand movement counts as 1/2) and then do 1 burpee.  Run back to start.  9 bear crawl with 2 burpees run back to start.  Continue until 1 bear crawl 10 burpees.

The PAX was loving this.  They wanted to go for another round but I calmed them down for a brief stretch and a return run back to the field hockey field.  As we ran Jerry inspired us with a “Touch of Grey”.

Once back at the field we circled up for what will be a quad indicator moving forward.

Thang 2- Sally to “Flower” by Moby

Listen to Flower by Moby and when you hear “Bring Sally Up” you are in a up merkin position.  When you hear “Bring Sally Down” you are in down merkin position.  This was an indicator because all PAX fought until failure and we did not complete the song.  3 months from now when Sally returns we will see who finished on all 4’s.

Thang 3- AMRAP of 15 Step Ups, 15 LBCs and 10 Pull ups for 6 minutes to some more tunes.

Circled up for some Digiorno Style Mary and crushed Saturday Night/Rosalita crusher.  1:4 ratio taking us to 10 Saturday nights and 40 Rosalitas.

Finished with 5 Boy-Os for good measure and returned to the shovel flag for COT. 18 PAX got better today.  Visting PAX Tinkle joined us and brought Mischa(FNG) from Orange County (figure that one out on your own).  We gather tight for a quick shout out to the Sky-Q giving thanks for all we have and this group in particular. mischa-barton-oc

I don’t think we made it to 100 burpees today but I know one thing for sure.  All PAX gave 100 through out.  We pushed and pulled and finished strong as a group.  Could not be happier to be a part of this collection of #HIMs.

YHC Zartan


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