The #Incubator Back Blast

I hate to brag, but as a world renowned author, this backblast may garner a lot of attention.

OK, enough of that bullsh*t. We all know there are three HIMs reading this. Everyone else was either there, or doesn’t care what other guys did. But I gotta BB or it didn’t happen. So here you go.

The Posh has grown significantly since the Jack Frost stopped spewing straight frozen hell down upon us. I wasn’t sure if I should expect 10 HIMs, or 20. This issue can really create a challenge when formulating a Q. I had a plan A and plan B. Well, 30 HIMs posted, so I went for plan C, winging it. But for the first time ever, I incorporated the shovelflags in the workout. We had three, so splitting everyone up 1/3s and running for a while was a great way to start the day. That was my favorite part of today’s WO. The rest sucked badly (goodly)

But most knew what to expect in the COP…

PAX– Snow Day, Mr. Hat, Airplane, Kilo, Grave Digger, Retainer, Catfish, Pork Chop (FNG), OJ, Valdez, Rico, Scratch and Dent, Huggies, LIttle Jerry (respect), Ashley, Wedding Singer, Big Bird, Mad Cow, Gypsy, McAfee, Storm Trooper, Double Down (respect), Piggy, Nino, Dynomite!, Peach, Brown, Glauc, Fergie, and YHC: Star Child.

Temp: Perfect 70 degrees


  • 100 SSH (Well, 50 for Kilo since he squealed in a 5:34)
  • 20 Hand Release Merkins (2 Count Cadence)
  • 20 Squats ( 2 Count)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Flutter Kicks


It was time to grab them flags, and split up into three groups. We NA runned around the Egg Lawn to the large field opposite of where we started. Then each flag was stationed out in the field as markers, each 1/3 the distance of the field apart to create a suicide field. Everyone partnered up, and here’s what went down:

  • Suicide #1
    • P1 did Imperial Walkers while P2 ran Isolated Sit Ups (5, 10, 15 at each flag)
    • Switch
  • Suicide #2
    • P1 did squats while P2 did Merkin Suicides (5, 10, 15 each flag)
    • Switch
  • Suicide #3
    • P1 did lunges (and tried to incorporate a clap between legs for lower lunging) while P2 did Surfees (5, 10, 15 each flag). This seemed much easier when I said it, but turned out to be killer.

We NA Ran back as we came, and had a few minutes for Mary

  • 20 Dolly
  • 20 Freddie Mercury
  • 20 Pickle Pounders



  • Kilo is taking the reigns of our newest AO at Veteran’s Park on Wednesdays. He has worked hard to get that going, and has done an amazing job. I am 100% confident it will thrive under his Q.
  • Flexington is a thing, and 15 FNGs to prove it.
  • Double Down is running in the March of Dimes 1 Miler this Saturday. For those who are interested, HIT HIM UP on Slack.

Sky Q:

  • Thanks to the Sky Q for another great start to, what will be, another fantastic day. Thanks to all the HIMs who showed up this morning.


Star Child

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