GOAL:   The IRONHORSE CHALLENGE is designed to reinvigorate male community leadership this winter at #F3LOUISVILLE, while strengthening all 3 Fs, and help the PAX make an impact on Louisville.

 DURATION:  1/1/18 thru 3/31/18.

 REWARD:   For successfully completing the 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE, you will receive an awesome IRONHORSE CHALLENGE 2”x 3” Velcro patch.  You will also receive priceless amounts of fellowship and leadership growth, while becoming a better man in every sense.

THANG:        Here is what you need to do to complete the IRONHORSE CHALLENGE:

 1st F – The Magnet – Improve your Fitness

  • Post to 40 beatdowns (averages out to about 3 per week)
  • Post to 5 beatdowns away from your home AO
  • Q once each month (Jan, Feb, Mar)

2nd F – The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship

  • Attend at least 3 second F events
  • Share some fellowship with your F3 brothers at 3 coffeeteerias, Hump Day Happy Hours (HDHH), etc.

3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

  • Participate in 2 third F opportunities. This does not necessarily mean making a donation. Seek out a service opportunity at your place of worship. We will have some opportunities available to be posted soon, as well. Or, find your own way to make an Impact.


Cost is $5 (nonrefundable). Send $5 Paypal with the note IRONHORSE to paypal.me/SeanMiranda

  • We’d prefer PayPal, but if you’d would rather use cash, submit to Red Roof (O), Star Child (Poshlands) or Zartan (Mutt) by 1/5/18.
  • HC now on the Slack post now so we can get a head count of who’s doing this. Continue to post as normal and you’ll be officially entered when we receive the funds.
  • Please submit all funds by Friday, 1/5/18.



  • The F3 Louisville’s Weasel Shaker, Tron , will be tracking 1st and 2nd F participation through the help of the Qs. 3rd F will not be formally tracked and will be on the honor system. We’re tracking participation in regularly scheduled workouts through backblasts.
  • If you organize a Black Ops, Ruck opportunity, etc., that is not regularly scheduled, you are responsible for posting a backblaston the website with the PAX list, so everyone can get credit.
  • Rucking before a regular workout should be considered as one post for tracking purposes.
  • 2nd F will be handled in a similar fashion as 1st F, with a backblast of sorts, mainly for the PAX list. 2nd F Q Nugget will post these lists.  He may ask for help around the region for the coffeeteeria/ HDHH, which can be communicated through Slack



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