2020 LeapYear 30K Parklands Ruck

2/28/2020-2/29/2020 The first-ever Parklands end-to-end 30K Ruck! Wouldn’t have been possible without help from Snowman, Metermaid, Handbook & those who helped with the carpool. 🙏🏼 Getting HardCommits is like pulling teeth. Very excited and scared when we pulled up to the Startex and there were Hims everywhere! My first fear however, was that we wouldn’tContinue reading “2020 LeapYear 30K Parklands Ruck”

BB ToolTime at the Heavy 3/25

First of all- WELCOME BACK DOUBLE DOWN!! Conditions: low 50s and Raining 6 Pax: Steemer, PK, Tony Malito, Carlose’, me and Kilo rolled in a bit late (better late than never) Warmed things up with: Side Straddle Hops Arm Circle Grass Grabbers Merkins The Thang: Total Body Beatdown Time- to some awesome Beats might IContinue reading “BB ToolTime at the Heavy 3/25”

3/12/18 Backblast from the Cold n Sloppy Posh

Before and After Pics. Q-Tool Time 18 Pax! Methane, Kilo, Iceman, Glaucoma, Lil Jerry, Diablo, StarChild, Grave Digger, McAfee, Snowman, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Double Down, Mr Hat, Boozer, Broke Back & me Weather- Sloppy n Cold 34ish COP- Some Bob Ross Arm Circles (clockwise and counter-clockwise) 20ea in cadence- Abe Vigodas, SSH’s, MountainContinue reading “3/12/18 Backblast from the Cold n Sloppy Posh”