Pax: Glaucoma, PewPew, Dynomite, Maxie, PK, Jolly Rancher, FannyPack, Crash, BigBird,IceMan


2 Q’s + Great Plan – No Map Skills = 1 unexpected Beatdown.

When I noticed Kilo and I were signed up to Q on the same day, I thought it would be a great idea to have a Poshlands Family Reunion!!

Many of us have missed our brothers since the breakup and I thought; let’s get together!!!!

Kilo agreed it sounded like a great plan.

THE PLAN- let’s each head towards the other and meet in the middle for a Beatdown!!!

THE PROBLEM-ToolTime once again falls short in his Map Skills. While taking a break at work, I took a quick look at Bing maps and it appeared that I had it all mapped out; roughly 1 mile from each AO to the Beatdown Parking Lot!! Perfect!!

We decided to meet in the middle; get in some quick hugs and coupons and then head Back to our now separate homes.

4:30 I’m gathering coupons from deep within the South Posh Jungle-like hiding spot.

5:00 Kilo and I meet at the parking lot; starting to sense our portion of the run may be longer than a mile. But not being scared; we set the stage with 21 coupons and 4 illuminated cones. Then Kilo drives me back to the South Posh and makes me jump out of his still moving car to avoid being spotted.

5:20 I walk up to Fanny Pack strapping up in preparation for what’s to come.

The pax start trickling in and I know we are on a tight schedule so I give the Pre-disclaimer Disclaimer- “we will need to get right to it so you might want to start stretching now”. The moans begin…..

5:30- 20 grass grabbers

5:32- lets Mosey (oh crap the 10min 1mile mosey was actually an 18min 1.5mile surprise)

5:50- partner up- Partner A does Suicide Burpees while Partner B lifts some coupons (overhead presses, curls, squats). Switch after completing Burpee Suicides and so on. Goal was 200 of each coupon exercise per pair.

I quickly realized that in order to hopefully make it ALL THE WAY BACK by 6:15 we better leave by 5:55!!!

To bring this novel to an end-

We pushed one another, we made it back just in time, we lost FannyPack, we found FannyPack, we learned that life doesn’t always go as expected; but we made the best of it and helped one another through it.

Continuing Prayers for Vince, Big Bird’s Sister and all those unspoken ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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