Bayside 08/14/18 Backblast

Pax: G P Bear, BananaBread, Charolais, Sadie, Gilly, Mr. Bubbles, Krystal, Thumbtack, FNG Krispy Kreme, Fannypack. Week 2 Iron pax challenge, set  up new coupons thanks to Gpa Bear. Short mosey cop in front of coupons just some easy stretches, grass grabbers. workout 4 sets each 8 min. 2min. rest, 1 thrusters 2 curls 3 kb swings 4 man makers. for each set you do 25 reps run 25y there and back rinse and repeat. at the end total up your reps. COT  countarama namerama name FNG Krispy Kreme,  intentions, take it to the Sky Q. Great work everyone the pax gave there all.

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