The Bridge Back Blast 8/15

Weather Clear 73 degrees 84% humidity.

13 Pax – Valdez, Nice n Slow, Bob Ross, Endo, Maxi, Flood Plain, Pew Pew, Double Down (R), Old Bay, Huggies(Q), Dynomite, Storm Trooper, Abacus

Started with short mosey around the parking lot


30 SSH (IC)

20 Imperial Walkers (IC)

15 Grass Grabbers (IC)

20 Abe Vigodas (IC)

Kendra Newmans (Apparently this is name after one of the Louisville Pax’s wife.  I didn’t know this)

Plank calf stretches

Cobra stretches

The Thang

Mosey to egg lawn

Started at the first 1/10 mile stone

15 reps of one exercises per stone around the egg lawn.  Good hard run in between stones.

Exercises – Hand release merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups, Burpees, Walking Planks, Bonnie Blairs, Heels to heaven with partner,  Decline Merkins with partner.

We did this twice (Two laps)

Mosey back to the blag

Mary (3 minutes)

LBC’s X 50 (IC)

Heels 6 inches (10 seconds)


Count o rama

Name o rama

Endo said something inspiring about not putting your hands on your knees, as said by his high school wrestling coach.  It hinders your breathing.  Something to think about during crunch time out in the gloom…good words.  I’m guilty for sure.

Announcements – Saturday Q school at St. Al’s.  Old bay Q at Bayside, Ruck Training this Friday at 5:15 am.  McAfee Q

Intentions – Abacus M, Weed Wacker’s son Vince, Pope, Classmate with Cancer, Bob Ross’s new job

It was an honor as always.  Thank you.

Huggies out.



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