BB ToolTime at the Heavy 3/25


Conditions: low 50s and Raining

6 Pax: Steemer, PK, Tony Malito, Carlose’, me and Kilo rolled in a bit late (better late than never)

Warmed things up with:

Side Straddle Hops

Arm Circle

Grass Grabbers


The Thang:

Total Body Beatdown Time- to some awesome Beats might I add.


One well lit and pretty dry Pavilion with lots or Heavy Stuff in the middle.

Twelve cones set up in a circle; very similar to the hours on an analog clock.

Every other cone had a note with an upper body part/exercises listed. Every other cone was an opportunity to do a weighted leg exercise. 6 upper body / 6 leg

Very Simple. Pick a cone and pick something to lift. Exercise for 2mins and then 25secs to switch weights and go to the next cone X 12.

I never thought that these young guys probably only use digital clocks; so as I rotated clockwise, they all went counter-clockwise. Being the smart guys that we are we worked it out.

It was a great time to workout and catch up with one another. As always many laughs to be had. We laughed at and with one another and also got a great workout in.

Carlose’ finished us off with Big Boys and American Hammers at a 1 to 4 ratio; up to 10 & 40. Those hurt!

Then Kilo said let’s plank for the last two minutes.

Praying for the Intentions both spoken and unspoken.

Personal request to reach out and call on an F3 brother that you may not have seen in a while.

Note to self- carry more TP! Won’t say any more….

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