It’s been a while since my last Q and leading the Saturday morning HIM’s for their last WO of the week was an honor! I am always honored to be in the PAX, but to lead the amazing County PAX is a real privilege. These County HIM’s expect quality and have a discerning eye for good beatdown. I hope I delivered.

Here’s what went down:

0700: 12 circled up around the AO flag and the Ghost flag. I find amazing that the County has held the GF for three weekend running. We have a crew that travels more than anybody (County PAX Q’ed 43% of the LOUISVILLE workouts last week) and we have four WO’s each week when that flag is up for taking. Get off your ass’s F3 LOUISVILLE and come get this flag. So with amazement that we had two flags, I decided that the good folks of Pewee Valley deserved to see our flags, so, we formed two lines and did a one mile Native American run through the valley. We moseyed slow, made sure not to drop any six, had great conversation amongst ourselves, and I pointed out a few houses of future HIM’s still in hiding. Someday soon, these sad clowns will jump up from their lazy boys and join our trib as we mosey on by. Big shout out to Jolly and Rocky for making this run so memorable. We end we’re we started back at the parking lot and transition into COP.

0715 COP:

20 SSH in cadence

20 Imperial walkers in cadence

20 Kendra Newman’s in cadence

20 Abe Vigodas in cadence

0720 Thang:

We moseyed over to Central Park for ladder work. The PAX seemed to really enjoy ladder work earlier in the week. Ladder’s provid a real nice vibe for comrades to mumblechatter while getting a great WO. That’s my highwater mark for a great WO. Instruction was given to go slow, focus on form, and have fun. Here’s what went down with a 1/8 mile run between each rung:

5 burpees

10 merkins (inverted optional)

15 LBC’s

20 Carolina dry docks (invented optional)

One minute elbow plank

35 air press’s

40 squat’s

45 SSH’s

50 jump lung’s

We had a blast and folks dug it when the Allman Bros tune came on. One we all reached the top, we moseyed together back to the flags for a quicky with Mary.

0758 Mary:

120 seconds of pickle pounders in cadence and that was time.

0800 COT:

Circled up around the flag, shared announcements of all the great things we will do together: rucking, raising money for great causes, and doing other CSAUP stuff, then things got real during intentions. Rocky shared with the PAX that 3/23 marked the two year anniversary of when his doc removed a softball sized tumor from his brain. Rocky is one of the strongest HIM’s in our crew. He constantly overcomes life’s adversities, and does it with such humility. If you don’t know Rocky, then come on out and get to know him. We closed in prayers of gratitude. I shared a tear for how much this group means to me, and how honored I am to be a part of F3 Nation. It’s a Game changer. I love this PAX for making me a better man, and look forward to my next Q.

Valdez out.














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