#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM

Welcome to the THE PAIN CAVE!

QIC:  Bobross

PAX (18): Bobross; Little Jerry; Red Roof; Double Down; Gypsy; Fall Guy; Fro (fng); Barney (fng); Odie; Captain Insane-o; Methane; Bull rider; Flea; Glauc; Speedo; Star child; Nomo; Nugget

Here we go:

We started with a easy mosey to the nicely lighted cush fairway like grass of the egg lawn.

10 sec count toe touch stretch (right/left)

– 20 Side stradle hop in cadence

– 15 Imperial squats in cadence

– 15 Mountain climbers in cadence

  • 15 Toe touch twist in cadence

Light jog over to our posh state-of-the-art playground/sprayground.

– 20 step-ups in cadence

– 10 incline mericans (rotating arms to sideplank) in cadence

– 20 box jumps

Jog to the next location. Bridge climb begins!!!

– Lunges to the top

– 10 dips

– Knee high back down

– Kareoke back up the hill

– 10 dips

– Mario jumps down

– Bear crawl up the hill

– Crab walk back down

Next we jogged the path to the Pain Cave (AKA KV’s honey comb hideout.)

10 hanging leg lifts

10 pull ups

Back to the base of the bridge

Hop up the hill right/left/both feet

10 dips

Hop down the hill right/left/both feet

Mosey back to the flag for all the rest of the bizzness!  COT, Name-o-rama.  Two FNGs; welcome Fro and Barney.  Odie called 6 and gave us his origin story.  The Seneca AO showed well and claimed the #Ghostflag (sorry Star Child).  Bobross dismissed us with words of wisdom and grace; off to conquer another day.

#BagofWrenches tomorrow at the Seneca AO.  Zartan (who pulled a Zartan this a.m. (thanks to Nomo for getting up and after it)) has some tricks up his arm cuffs.

xoxo, CI for Bobross

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