Backblast Dry Rub Q – The Bridge @ Poshlands 11.4.20

10 HIMs: Deep Dish, Stick Up, Ripple, Double Down (R), Jewel, Dynomite, NPR, Schlitz, Pickleball, Dry Rub (Q) After the disclaimer we didn’t waste any time, alternating warm-up sets with Merkins. The pax then took a lap around the egg lawn, keeping a strong pace and knocking out sets of 10 copperhead squats in cadenceContinue reading “Backblast Dry Rub Q – The Bridge @ Poshlands 11.4.20”

BackBlast #Incubator @poshlands 11/26 Dry Rub VQ

The pax stepped out to face the howling wind…and the stinging rain…and drove a few nails into the souls of the tree of pain. QIC: Dry Rub (VQ) 10 Pax: Deep Dish, Pew Pew, Maxi, Dynomite, Mr. Kotter, Drive Thru – RESPECT, Mama’s Boy, Lady Bird – RESPECT, Bob Ross, Dry Rub WARM-A-RAMA: Side StraddleContinue reading “BackBlast #Incubator @poshlands 11/26 Dry Rub VQ”