Q School Back Blast 10/7 @thebridge Poshland

PAX: Methanie (OG), Ripple, Stick up, Pew Pew, Dry Rub, Deep Dish, Uncle Rico, Bob Ross, Pickle Ball, Short Change, Dynomite! (QIC) It was a nice 50 degree morning as the Pax showed up for day 2 of Q School at Posh. My goal for this morning was to demonstrate how easy it is toContinue reading “Q School Back Blast 10/7 @thebridge Poshland”

Pre-Blast 7/8 The Bridge at Poshland

Full body beat down coming your way tomorrow morning at The Bridge.  Don’t worry, I won’t make your sing the song!  We will be doing a shoulder, chest, abs, legs circuit to start…followed by some work on the bridge!  No partner work or coupons but you will need gloves (if you have been to oneContinue reading “Pre-Blast 7/8 The Bridge at Poshland”

Pre blast 3/18 @ The Bridge Poshland

The Bridge is open for business in Gloom and I will assure you it will be tough and F3 Louisville Convid-19 compliant!  I know this has been a tough week for everything and I completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable coming out.  With that being said, below you will find the workout. COP: DivideContinue reading “Pre blast 3/18 @ The Bridge Poshland”

1/22 Blackblast Dynomite Q @ The Bridge Poshland

  I want to thank everyone for coming out this morning!  Always encouraging to see a solid group of HIMS brave the cold and whatever stupid thing I am going to throw at you. PAX (11): Dynomite! (Q), Number2 (R), Stick up, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Dry rub, Maxi, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Wapner, JitterbugContinue reading “1/22 Blackblast Dynomite Q @ The Bridge Poshland”

1/22 PreBlast Dynomite! Q @ The Bridge Poshland

It has been too long since I Q’d a workout and I am looking forward to getting out with you HIMS in the AM.  Don’t worry about the 20 degree forecast, I will make sure to keep your heart rate up for a full 45 mins.  Bring gloves and a willing spirit to get better.Continue reading “1/22 PreBlast Dynomite! Q @ The Bridge Poshland”

Dynomite! Q at The Cliffs @ The Garden 11/5

PAX: Dynomite! (Q), Nino, Ripple, Mr. Ropel, Nice & Slow, Stick up, Woooo, Meathead, Latex, Ladybird (R), Uncle Rico, Huggies, Ping Pong, Sarbanes, Worm Thanks to the HIMS of St Patrick’s for having me out this morning.  Like I mentioned in the Pre-blast, I had never been out….so I got there a little early withContinue reading “Dynomite! Q at The Cliffs @ The Garden 11/5”

Dynomite! Q The Cliffs @ The Garden 11/5

SUPER PUMPED for my first time out at the The Garden!  I can’t believe I haven’t made it out for a work out yet but I have heard rumors of the 500ft tall hills and “Bristol” race track and I am ready to tackle it all.  Bring gloves and a willing attitude to get better. Continue reading “Dynomite! Q The Cliffs @ The Garden 11/5”

10/2/2019 Backblast @ The Bridge Poshland

QIC: Dynomite! Pax: Lady Bird (R), Retainer, Bob Ross, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Pew Pew, Tender Foot, Deep Dish Strong group of HIMS went up and down the ladder in the Gloom this morning.  Great job everyone.  The smell of dog crap and skunk was a nice touch to add to the pain…if I do say soContinue reading “10/2/2019 Backblast @ The Bridge Poshland”

BO @ Douglas Hills Park 9/17

Pax: Dynomite! (Q), Buzzsaw, Woooo, Maxi, Zipline Condition: 70 degrees with a nice breeze I want to thank everyone for coming out this morning.  I was feeling run down yesterday, so I wasn’t super excited about working out this morning.  Luckily, I woke up this morning feeling better and I got the Q juice flowing. Continue reading “BO @ Douglas Hills Park 9/17”

8/28 Backblast @ The Bridge (Parklands)

QIC: Dynomite! Pax: Deep Dish, Wooo (4 O’s please), Buzzsaw, Ripple, PewPew, Nino, Nice & Slow, Methane, Wham!, Cowboy, Holler, Lady Bird (R), Gypsy, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Tender Foot, Iceman (R), Dryrub, Whitney (R) Like I mentioned in my pre-blast, the 28th was my 2yr anniversary of my first post at F3.  I reallyContinue reading “8/28 Backblast @ The Bridge (Parklands)”

7/24 Backblast Poshland @thebridge

Thanks to all the HIMS that came out in the Gloom this morning.  We tried a few new THANGS, did some work, and everyone got better. Q: Dynomite Pax: (19) Skirmish (R), Deep dish, FNG (Trader Joe), Airball, Dry rub, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Mr. Kotter, Maxi, Wooo, Atlas, Glaucoma, Sweet tart, Flounder, Gangplank, Mr.Continue reading “7/24 Backblast Poshland @thebridge”

12/10 Poshland Backblast @ the incubator

I appreciate all the HIMS that made it out this morning.  It was a brisk 24 degrees but we turned up the heat quick and kept it on.  Shout out to Mr Kotter for pushing everyone on those sprint this morning and also Maxi….the man knows how to karaoke! QIC: DYN-O-MITE PAX: LADY BIRD, DRIVEContinue reading “12/10 Poshland Backblast @ the incubator”

POSH LAND Back Blast 9/19 @ #THEBRIDGE

  I just want to thank all my F3 brothers for allowing me to be part of such an amazing group of men.  I have been posting since August 2017 and it has been an amazing year of growth both physically and mentally.  I appreciate all the encouragement and all those that have push meContinue reading “POSH LAND Back Blast 9/19 @ #THEBRIDGE”

Back blast 7/7 S Poshlands # incubator

I had the privilege of leading 19 HIMS this morning at the incubator.  I want to thank everyone for coming out and pushing me to get better. Q: Dynomite Pax: Glaucoma, Sideshow, Maxi, Methane, Abacus, Crap legs, Drumroll, Wham!, Double down, Bob ross, Kiwi, Grampa bear, Ashley, Terrible, Banana Bread, Tool time, Fanny pack, LaunchContinue reading “Back blast 7/7 S Poshlands # incubator”


12 HIMS braved the cold in the incubator this morning.  The Pax thought because of the cold we would sit around in our cars and drink hot chocolate….I had other plans! Q: Dyn-O-mite! Pax(11): Wham!, OJ, Gypsy, Kilo, Starchild, Swifty, Methane, Dunfey, Mr. Hat, Tool Time, Glaucoma. We started off with a fast run toContinue reading “Back BLAST Poshland 11/20 #GET BETTER #LOVE THY ROCK #20 DEGREE CLUB”

Poshlands 9/25/17 Back Blast

16 HIMS showed up at #Incubator in the Gloom this morning! VQ: Dyn-o-mite! PAX: Iceman, Steamer, Tool Time, Kilo, Newman, FNG (Mater), Bobross, Methane, Glaucoma, Force Close, Star Child, Gypsy, Little Jerry, Mr Hat, Taco, and Dyn-o-mite! I appreciate everyone coming out of my first Q!  Morning was clear and we headed out for aContinue reading “Poshlands 9/25/17 Back Blast”