BB 7.26.21 The Incubator @ Poshland

Random Q is underway and to the misfortune of the Pax of the Incubator….I got the Q. I honestly was planning on skipping this morning until Buzzsaw hit me up last night, so it is his fault! The result, a series of bad ideas….

PAX: Jewel, Jitterbug (R), Buzzsaw, Schotzie, Fertile Myrtle, Dynomite! (Q)

COP ( lead by Jewel)

SSH IC 20X, Toy Soldiers IC 15X, runner stretch (down dog, rr, ll, etc), merkins with holds.

The bad ideas: This Q just evolved as we went on. My goal in creating a Q is trying to hit all the muscle groups. The OG Glaucoma always did a great job of this and I try to model most of my Q’s off that.

Thang 1: runs

I had the PAX line up in two groups of 3 at the stop sign and do a series of runs down to the end of the parking lot and mosey back…waterfall style.

Sprint, Karaoke, Mario, Broad Jump, Bernie sanders, and one last Sprint.

Now that the heart rate was up…time to get to work.

Thang 2: 11’s with Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

We did 10 Carolina Dry docks at one end of a parking space, Bear Crawled to the other side of parking lot for 1 merkin and Crawl Bear back. Rinse and repeat until you have 1 CDD and 10 Merkins. This was a ton of shoulders and the pax worked up a sweat with this one!

Thang 3: Off to work some legs

10 Box jumps on ledge followed by some high knees to the second light post and mosey back for 11 box jumps, high knees, rinse and repeat until you get to 15 box jumps.

I let the PAX have a rest by doing a mosey around the parking lot back to the flag.

Thang 4: Jack Webbs: Burpees/Mountain climbers

We started out doing the mountain climbers IC but after the 4 round of 20 MC IC, I made the decision to switch to single count…Mercy!

Finally, we had about 5 mins left and we finished with some Mary.

LBC IC 15X, Gas Pumps IC 15X, Flutter kicks IC 20X, Pickle Pounders IC 10X with 30 Sec hold plank and then 10X more IC.

We finished by circling up and doing Count, name, announcements, intentions, and finished with a Ball of man.


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