Pre blast 3/18 @ The Bridge Poshland


The Bridge is open for business in Gloom and I will assure you it will be tough and F3 Louisville Convid-19 compliant!  I know this has been a tough week for everything and I completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable coming out.  With that being said, below you will find the workout.

COP: Divide into groups of 5 or less.  stay atleast 10 feet apart

25x SSH IC

20X Imperial Squat Walkers IC

15X Catalina wine mixers IC

10X Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the Bridge and stay in the smaller groups of 5 or less.

Group 1 stay on one side of the Bridge and the 2nd group head to the other side.

Thang 1: 11’s

Burpees at the Bottom and Carolina Dry Docks at the top.  Movement is Bernie sanders up the hill and Sprint down

Thang 2: Burning legs

20x Monkey Humpers     20X Right leg lunge with knee raise    20X Left leg lunge with knee raise     20X Sumo Squats

If time is left we will finish with some Mary


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