7/24 Backblast Poshland @thebridge

field of dreams

Thanks to all the HIMS that came out in the Gloom this morning.  We tried a few new THANGS, did some work, and everyone got better.

Q: Dynomite

Pax: (19) Skirmish (R), Deep dish, FNG (Trader Joe), Airball, Dry rub, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Mr. Kotter, Maxi, Wooo, Atlas, Glaucoma, Sweet tart, Flounder, Gangplank, Mr. Hat, Sadie, OJ

We had the A/C on at posh this morning, so I worked quick to turn up the heat on this PAX. Mosey to the next parking lot over and started with a little COP


25x SSH, 5x Burpee OYO,  20x Imperial Squats, 5X Burpess OYO, 15X Mountain Climbers, 5x Burpees OYO

Thangs 1

Bear crawl decline/incline: PAX  lined up on one side of the parking lot and did 4 decline mercans, bear crawled to other side and did 4 incline mercans, and then Crawl bear back to other side of parking lot.  Rinse and repeat but increase mercans by 4 every set.  We did 3 sets (4, 8, 12 mercans)

Thang 2

Field of Dreams:

Setup baseball diamond in egg lawn field.  Had Pax count off in groups of 4 and take a base.  Team 1 was at Home plate, Team 2 at 1st, Team 3 at 2nd, and Team 4 at 3rd.  Home plate was the push group and did 15 burpees.  1st base was Amrap Squats, 2nd base was amrap Mercans, and 3rd base was amrap Flutter kicks.  Every team did two trips around the bases.

Thang 3


Had PAX mosey over to the Bridge and do elevens.  Bottom of the hill was Caroline Drydocks staring at 10 and top of the hill was Jump Squats starting at 1.  The Pax was pretty gassed but we AYG run back to the Flag and finished with a round of Flutter kicks.


We did a little count-o-rama, did a little name-o-rama, welcomed (FNG) Trader Joe, did some announcements, intentions (prayer of praise for Mr. Hats daughter turning 1 and for Bob Ross’s Daughter in Puerto Rico with unrest).

Thanks again for letting me lead such a great group of men!

Dynomite OUT!

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