Backblast 7/29 @ The Bridge

PAX: Dynomite (QIC), Double Down, Ripple, Bull ride, Stick up, Bob Ross

It was an nice Humid morning as the pax showed up with coupon in hand.  Disclaimer was given and we ran with coupons to the next parking lot for some COP



Toy Soldiers ic X20

Burpees OYO X15

Mountain climbers IC X15

Next, we grabbed our coupons and ran to the egg lawn for about 12 mins of Bear and block.  Pax did 10X coupon curls and then bear crawl while pulling their coupon between their legs to a set point and back.  Rinse and Repeat.

Dora run:

We then grabbed the coupons and headed to the bridge for a dora run.  10X Manmakers at the bottom, carry coupon to the top of the hill and do 10X IC Flutter kicks with coupon held over your chest.  Run back down with Coupon and Rinse and Repeat.  We did this for about 13 mins and pax was feeling it.

Finally, we headed back to the flag and did 5 mins of mary to finish up.

10X merkins on the coupon

Gas pumps 20X IC

Freddie Mercury 20X IC

Pickle pounders 15X IC

Armerican Hammers 20X IC

Flutter kicks 20x IC

We circled up for some count and name o rama.  Did announcements and intentions and I lead us out in a prayer for us to be men of peace in our community.

Dyno Out!

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