Back-Blast 7-28-20 The Loco @ The County Hushpuppy Q

4:31am: Text from Overflow, “You up?”

4:32 Reply From Hushpuppy, “Yeah buddy!”

I knew it was going to be a great moring when Overflow was up and moving with no wake up call.

Conditions: Low to mid 70s, humidity around 85%

Overflow and I pulled into the lot at the County and saw that Tidwell and Jerry Maguire had already arrived bikes in tow. Tidwell was looking fresh, rocking that sweet 76ers Jersey that he recieve at the Nest Saturday.

The lot filled up pretty quick as PAX made their way in. 18 in total.

Bull Rider, Asian Zing (R), Overflow, GQ, Launch Pad, Pelican, Tidwell, Abacus, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Worm, Jerry Maguire (R), Crock Pot, Gator Bait (FNG), Leno, Lady Bird (R), Honey Dew, Hushpuppy (Q)

After a quick disclaimer and introduction we got strait to it.

COP – 25 SSH IC, Downward dog (right over left/left over right) 10 Grass grabbers IC, 10 toy soldiers IC,

The THANG: We did 11s with an added challenge, The Coupon Line. Typical 11s with a coupon movement anytime you reached a designated line midway through the run portion of the 11.

First Round:

Merkins starting with one rep on one end

5 over head press at the coupon line

Big boys at the other end starting with 10

Next was 11s with Squats (starting with one) and SSH (Starting with 10), and 10 curls mid way at the coupon line at each pass.

We finished with a modification for time.

5 man makers, no coupon line this time, and down and backs being the other end of the 11 working our way up from one.

We finished up and circled up for Mary. 40 Big Boys, 10 gas pumps or so from Overflow, but I think we did a couple extra. Pelicans favorite, heart breakers, pickle pounders and a lucky few gents took an extra mosey.

Count o Rama and Name o Rama.

Announcements: HOPE SCARVES!! Bourbon Raffle was discussed as well as a few reminders about the Golf Scramble and various activities coming up.

An Our Father was recited for all intentions said and unsaid.

All it all it was a fun and challenging morning! Number of PAX was super solid and everone was game for the Challenge. Each and every one of us got better today!

Hushpuppy Q

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