BB The Loco at the County 7/27/21 Random Q week

I loaded up my truck with all of my best Q gear (cones, winke board, bluetooth speaker, coupons) and hit the highway from J Town. My goal was to have everything avaliable that any given random Q could use on the fly. Also downloaded a random number generator the night before. Everything was in placeContinue reading “BB The Loco at the County 7/27/21 Random Q week”

PB 7/27/21 The Loco at the County – Random Q

Summer is in full swing which means it’s time for random Q week in Louisville F3. All PAX are welcome, no need for any past Qing experience! We will randomly choose our Q from the PAX in attendance with a drawing. Random Q week is a great opportunity to get out and support your F3Continue reading “PB 7/27/21 The Loco at the County – Random Q”

BB 6/11/21 The Chopper at Vets Hush Puppy Q

Conditions: It was a beautiful morning in J Town, a warm and somewhat humid 73°. Stuff I brought: Coupon, Cones, Winke Board, Bluetooth Speaker. PAX: Wildflower, Cratchit, Bunghole, Pelican, Gringo, Bombay, Vincent, SnoDay, Big Bird, YHC. Clown Car: Pelican, Wildflower, Big Bird, Crachit Shout out to my County Boys for rolling out to Vets withContinue reading “BB 6/11/21 The Chopper at Vets Hush Puppy Q”

12/17 The Agony @ The County Hushpuppy Q

PAX: Muncher, Crachit, Jitter Bug (R), Dollar Short, Holy Roller (R), Backflop, Le Pew, Hushpuppy (Q) Conditions: Low to mid 30s, light wind Accoutrements: Gloves, Coupons. Picked up Muncher on the way to the County. Muncher was ready to roll at 4:49 and thats a record so we already had a good start. We shotContinue reading “12/17 The Agony @ The County Hushpuppy Q”

The Agony @ The County PreBlast 12/17 Hushpuppy Q

Hushpuppy here, amped up and ready to lead at The Agony! You will need a coupon and gloves as well as your running shoes. We will stay moving to keep warm so dont worry about the recent early morning temps. This WO will be utilizing most of the campus so come ready to move andContinue reading “The Agony @ The County PreBlast 12/17 Hushpuppy Q”

BB – The Agony @The County 10/15 HushPuppy Q

PAX (9): Pelican, Holy Roller(R), Cratchit, Backflop, Pew Pew, Big Bird, Launch Pad(R), DeVito, HushPuppy(Q) Conditions: 60°+ Winds around 10mph Pulled into the County and to my surprise was actually the first to arrive. I planted the flags and set up my weinke board. DeVito was next to arrive and offered to help set upContinue reading “BB – The Agony @The County 10/15 HushPuppy Q”

Back-Blast 7-28-20 The Loco @ The County Hushpuppy Q

4:31am: Text from Overflow, “You up?” 4:32 Reply From Hushpuppy, “Yeah buddy!” I knew it was going to be a great moring when Overflow was up and moving with no wake up call. Conditions: Low to mid 70s, humidity around 85% Overflow and I pulled into the lot at the County and saw that TidwellContinue reading “Back-Blast 7-28-20 The Loco @ The County Hushpuppy Q”

Backblast – Hushpuppy Q – The Nest @ The County 6/6/20

Wow what an amazing turnout for my VQ, THE NEST @ THE COUNTY.  I picked up Overflow from his house, we caught some air over the railroad tracks and slid into the County lot @6:45 to be greeted by several EC runners. Shortly after lots of familiar County regulars began to roll in.  Then anotherContinue reading “Backblast – Hushpuppy Q – The Nest @ The County 6/6/20”