BB 8/31 The Loco at the County – Hush Puppy Q

8/31/21 The Loco at the County
Asian Zing (R)
Storm Trooper
Meter Maid
Undertaker (R)
Tammy Faye Baker
Jerry Maguire (R)
Kitty Litter
Double Down (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Big Bird
Brown Water
Mud Bug
Hush Puppy (Q)

Took this Q last minute as I forgot Harbaugh was out of the gloom for a bit. There was no pre blast, just a slack post. It was 10:30 pm Monday night when I came up with this Weinke. It was pretty simple but utilized a large part of the campus and was my favorite type of WO, you vs you.

We got up to 50 on the ladder but ran out of time. Kitty Litter, Big Bird and Meter Maid were front runners as expected and Storm Trooper was within striking distance. Also Undertaker was back at it with some strong work. Each pax challenged themselves and pushed their personal pace. Great work PAX.

Until next time,

Hush Puppy

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