BB The Loco at the County 7/27/21 Random Q week

I loaded up my truck with all of my best Q gear (cones, winke board, bluetooth speaker, coupons) and hit the highway from J Town. My goal was to have everything avaliable that any given random Q could use on the fly. Also downloaded a random number generator the night before. Everything was in place for random Q week, it was all going to be so random. After a mosey and random COP, we did a quick count off, then I drew my own number on the RNG.

I came pretty prepared but never expected to be the random Q. Luckily I had an old WO written on the Winke board from my last Q at Vets. So with minor modifications that made things pretty easy.

We Started off each round with 50 reps, a Hill repeat, a lap around the school, then 25 dips. The only thing that changed each round was the 50 rep exercise. (Merkins, Squats, Over Head Press, Big Boys, Man Makers x20)

Kept it pretty simple but those usually tend to be some of the tougher WOs in my experience.

Pax in Attendance were:

Jolly Rancher
Jerry Maguire (R)
Kitty Litter
Big Bird
F Stop
Lady Bird (R)
Brown Water
Double Down (R)
Boot Legger
Hush Puppy (Q)

We circled up for nor, cor, intentions and BOM. I hit the wrong button on my phone for name O rama and just took random pictures insted of the usual video. So I then had to call Pelican to help me recall all 16 pax by memory. Good times.

Random Q day is in the books at the Loco. Thanks Gentlemen!


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