BB The Foundry @ The County 7-28-2021 Random Q Week

I set out the white board, battle ropes and speaker and headed back to the basketball goals as the PAX gathered. 5:30 came with 6 HIMs ready to go so we did the randomizer and Dauber was the winner of the Q….but then Holy Roller arrived and we re-ran the draw and Hardwood was chosen….then Bootlegger rolled in after being stopped by 2 trains and we hit the randomizer a 3rd time and boom, Hardwood again. It was meant to be.

I sent Hardwood to the board with his dry erase marker and then I led COP which was SSH x20, downward dog & runners stretch, 15 Merkins, Michael Phelps, and ended with Air Presses that I completely butchered the count so Dauber just started saying random numbers until I called halt.

The PAX then took their coupons down to the board to see what Hardwood had cooked up. Well this turned out to be his VQ and the board had “10 Merkins” written down. We realized that may not take up the rest of the time so he pivoted to a 4 corners routine around the back lot starting with 20 reps of the following exercises: Merkins, Big Boys, Burpees, and Curls with a short lunge walk thrown in. We would reduce reps each round 15-10-5. I got some good tunes rolling and we went to work.

Once that was finished, we moved on to a set of 11s with Overhead presses and Rows with a rifle carry or farmer carry of the coupon between stations.

A few minutes of mary with the runners consisting of Flutter Kicks and Box Cutters closed us out and we circled up.

Announcements for the F3 v 3 basketball tourney and support for the fight against sex trafficking through the tough mudder guys this weekend.

Intentions for Little Jerry, Holy Roller, and Husky and Hardwood led us out in prayer. Today enforces the idea that you don’t need a plan or complicated weinke to lead these men and work hard. Great job Hardwood for stepping up and great Q.

Brown Water

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