BB Brown Water Q – Agony @ The County 1-21-2021

PAX: Giselle Gilligan Big Bird WILDflower Asian Zing (R) Pelican Abacus Brown Water (Q) Disclaimer was given and we moseyed up to the front parking lot fpr COP: 20 SSH, 15 Toy Soldiers, Grass Gabbers, Runner Stretch, and Michael Phelps. Moseyed back to the back lot and grabbed our coupons for Thang 1. There wereContinue reading “BB Brown Water Q – Agony @ The County 1-21-2021”

BackBlast – 11.30.20 – The Silo North Posh

38 degrees and dropping plus a little rain. 3 PAX joined me to celebrate my 46th trip around the sun. Viking Little Jerry Uncle Rico Brown Water (Q) COP 30x SSH 10x Toy Soldiers Downward Dog and Runners Stretch 10x Merkins Kendra Newmans & Michael Phelps Thang – Number of reps across the top andContinue reading “BackBlast – 11.30.20 – The Silo North Posh”

Back Blast- Brown Tail (VQ) Feel the Burn @ The Foundry 11/04/20

Woke up early this morning (0400) excited about my VQ and wondering about the election. Got to the Foundry around 0500 to make sure I set everything up for a least a visually successful VQ!!  The HIMS started rolling in around 0515 starting with FOCKER, GQ and so on.At 0530 I kick off the workout. 17 HIMSContinue reading “Back Blast- Brown Tail (VQ) Feel the Burn @ The Foundry 11/04/20”

BB – Brown Water Inferno at the Station 8-20-2020

Beautiful morning – temps around 60 degrees and low humidity. Captain Crunchberry Honey Do Brown Water (Q) Disclaimers were given and we started with a short mosey around the law office. COP SSH, Toy Soldiers, Runners Stretch, Micheal Phelps Thang 1 – Good Old Fashioned Ladder Work As you move up the ladder, make aContinue reading “BB – Brown Water Inferno at the Station 8-20-2020”

Brown Water Q Planetaruim @ Boondocks 6-9-2020 Backblast

Conditions: Clear and a bit muggy with a fantastic sunrise PAX: LePew Jolly Rancher Dauber Cochran Harbagh Bulletin Focker Brown Water (Q) Disclaimer, short mosey, SSH, Runners Stretch, Kendra Newmans, Micheal Phelps, & Grass grabbers. Tabata Style Workout – 4 rounds of each exercise, 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (felt likeContinue reading “Brown Water Q Planetaruim @ Boondocks 6-9-2020 Backblast”

11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ

Conditions: 43F and Clear Skies PAX (14): Crockpot, Crachit, Uncle Sam, Worm, Lady Bird, Ice Man, Jerry McGuire, Rocky, Asian Zing, Wildflower, Valdez, Pelican, Gisele, Brown Water (VQ) Did a quick count and gave quick disclaimer. Mosey to the front lot for CoP 15x SSH IC 10x Grass Grabbers IC Downward Dog – Left OverContinue reading “11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ”