Brown Water Q Planetaruim @ Boondocks 6-9-2020 Backblast

Conditions: Clear and a bit muggy with a fantastic sunrise PAX: LePew Jolly Rancher Dauber Cochran Harbagh Bulletin Focker Brown Water (Q) Disclaimer, short mosey, SSH, Runners Stretch, Kendra Newmans, Micheal Phelps, & Grass grabbers. Tabata Style Workout – 4 rounds of each exercise, 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (felt likeContinue reading “Brown Water Q Planetaruim @ Boondocks 6-9-2020 Backblast”

11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ

Conditions: 43F and Clear Skies PAX (14): Crockpot, Crachit, Uncle Sam, Worm, Lady Bird, Ice Man, Jerry McGuire, Rocky, Asian Zing, Wildflower, Valdez, Pelican, Gisele, Brown Water (VQ) Did a quick count and gave quick disclaimer. Mosey to the front lot for CoP 15x SSH IC 10x Grass Grabbers IC Downward Dog – Left OverContinue reading “11/26/19 Backblast Loco @ The County – Brown Water VQ”